Andres Moritz 1954 – 2012

Andres Moritz จากไปเม่ือวันที่ 21 ตุลาคม 2555 ตามเวลาท้องถิ่น ขอดวงวิญญาณของท่านจงไปสู่สุขคติเถิด

~ Announcement ~

It is with a mixture of profound human sadness and deep spiritual gratitude that we announce to the world that Andreas Moritz has returned to the Realms of Light.

During his all-too-brief stay here on Earth, Andreas touched the hearts and minds of people everywhere. Through his teachings, his books, his art, his personal guidance and inspiration, he helped people throughout the world to restore their health and well-being, and, in so doing, transform their lives.

As his mission here on Earth was nearing completion, he worked passionately to write and complete four more books, and they will be released in the coming months.

As we each deal with this shock and our personal grief surrounding his transition, the greatest gift we can give to Andreas is to send Love and Gratitude to assist him as he continues his Mission from the higher dimensions.

At some point in the future we plan to co-create a global celebration of his life and many blessings to the world.

~ The Ener-Chi Family